We implement strategies and initiatives helping educate communities and citizens who interact with law enforcement to learn how to safely deal with engagements and possible conflicts. This includes seminars, speaking engagements, & classes designed to teach the public about respectful engagement, effective communication, de-escalation techniques, civil rights, voting rights, misunderstood legal implications, and similar topics. Educating the community on self-awareness and learnable techniques and how to handle police interactions is just as important and needs the same attention as the training for law enforcement. Knowledge & empathy for others will be a driving force for change in our world, and our community collaboration initiative is a positive driving force.


Community Leadership & empowermentLeadership in our community is a vital part of creating change in neighborhoods. The need for positive representation and resources of our communities is a focal point of our community leadership & empowerment goals. By partnering with organizations like The Boys & Girls Club, The National Urban League, YMCA, Police Departments, and benevolent foundations, we create scholarships, gain youth community involvement & hold events that express, teach & apply tactics to further our vision in bringing peace to communities through collaborations & communication. This also creates opportunities for those within the community (business, non-profits, and community members, leaders and volunteers) to become a part of the positive change & empowerment that we are working to establish.


Communication and trust are two critical pieces in strengthening the relationship between the community & law enforcement. Bringing law enforcement & the community they serve together for positive communication is accomplished through town hall meetings, school assemblies & other public events. This builds effective communication and respectful engagement opportunities, which enhances trust and positivity for long-lasting change. These public events serve as opportunities for the people to have one on one conversations about the state of the community, questions and concerns about police policy, and better understanding and communication between the two. All while providing positive news and genuine public relations opportunities.
Uniting the community & those who serve it through education, leadership and empowerment in order to build trust and understanding for positive engagement.
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